Flushing Town Hall, April 20 - May 13, 2018.
Drawings, paintings, sculptures.

Grunting is an important part of my artistic process.
When I'm dragging cardboard out of the closet I give a grunt.
If I'm reaching across the table to drag my knife through the paper I give a grunt.
Every time I drop something on the floor I grunt to pick it up.
If I can't unscrew the lid of the ink I gave a might grunt when I open it.
When I finish a piece and I like it, I give a satisfied grunt.
If it's not coming together I give an annoyed grunt.
Of course a "grunt" is often seen as an unskilled worker at the bottom of the ladder, but without grunts doing all the heavy lifting then nothing would get done and I'm happy to be included in that group of diggers and haulers.
I am also an immiGRUNT.
And I am the child of immigrants.
And my wife is the daughter of immigrants and my own children are the children of generations of immigrants.
Even my parents are the grandchildren of immigrants.
And all of the work in this show was done in Queens, the world capitol of immigrants.