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You can watch my award winning independent animated feature, The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead on Amazon Prime! It's been touring the festival circuit since 2014 and has screened about 50 times around the world at festivals and my speaking appearances.
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Some Thank yous:
The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead was a very hard to thing to make and couldn't have been done without lots of help.
I'd like to thank Neil Campbell Ross for his mind blowing production design, Mick Moriarty of the legendary Gadfly's who lent me the use of their incredible songs, Ace and Son Moving Picture Company who produced the whole shebang, JZ Barrell for his audio design and score, and animators including, but not limited, to John LustigMichael J. RuoccoAnamaria SolisLyla RibotAmanda BautistaAnnelise WilliamsKara Sankus and Katie Kirschner. Super thanks to Boris HiestandJeremy Beck and Carl Doonan for the use of their excellent voices.


Upcoming Screenings of The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead feature:

November 3-6, Paducah, Kentucky
River's Edge Film Festival

Previous screenings of The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead:

September 14-18, Berlin Germany.
Down Under Berlin Film Festival

June 19-23, Poland, various locations.
International Festival for Children and Youth KINOLUB

May 31, Yerevan, Armenia
Free screening at the TUOMO Centre

April 30, Seattle, USA - I'll be there too!

April 24, Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Albuquerque Film and Music Experience

April 08, Batesville, Arkansas
The Ozark Foothills Film Festival

April 02, Trenton, NJ - Winner: Best Animation
Trenton Film Festival

Mar 18, Dingle, Ireland
Animation Dingle

Mar 18, Queens, NY, USA - Honorable Mention
The Queens World Film Festival

Feb 13, Middlebrough, UK
Animex - The International Festival of Animation and Computer Games

Dec 20, Chicago, IL
Blow Up Art House Film Festival

Nov 30 - Dec 06, Corpus Cristi, TX
The South Texas Underground Film Festival

September 11-13, Malmo, Sweden
I.N.S.A.N.E Animation Festival

September 1-6, Barden, Switzerland
Fantoche Animation Festival

September 3-5, Buenos Aires, Argentia
Expotoons International Film Festival - Winner of Best Feature Film

August 27-30, Flagstaff, New Mexico
AMFM Festival

August 31, The Art Bar, Brooklyn, YN
The Festival of Colors

June 26-28 Bristol, Frederick, Maryland USA
Frederick Film Festival

June 24-28 Kecskemet, Hungary
The 12th Kecskemet Animation Film Festival

June 12-14 Bristol, Virginia/Tenness USA
PUSH! Film Festival

May 04-10 Sophia, Bulgaria
The 6th Golden Kukor International Animation Festival

Apr 22-24 Karlsruhe, Germany
Independent Days Film Festival

Mar 18-22 Utrecht, Holland
Holland Animation Film Festival

Feb 28-Mar 08 Montreal, Canada
18th Montreal International Children's Film Festival

Mar 08-12 Tehran, Iran
9th Tehran International Animation Festival

Feb 24-Mar 01 Carbondale, Illinois
The 37th Big Muddy Film Festival

Apr 07-15 Lucknow, India
CMS Films International Children's Film Festival

Mar 26-Apr 01 Athens, Greece
Athens Animfest - Awarded a Special Mention for use of humor

Feb 4-15 Tokyo, Japan
18th Japan Media Arts Festival

October 25-31 Yerevan, Armenia.

October 19-19 Corfu, Greece.
Be There! The Corfu Animation Festival

Cinema run Bucharest, Romania
October 03-09 at these cinemas
October 03-26 Cinemateca Union

September 13, 2014 London, UK.
The Portobello Film Festival

August 28, 2014 Romania.
The Romanian International Film Festival

September 13, 2014 London, UK.
The Portobello Film Festival

Cinema run Bucharest, Romania
October 03-09 at these cinemas
October 03-26

June 14, 2014 Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne International Animation Festival

The Boxhead and Roundhead shorts have appeared at the following festivals:
Cutout Fest, Mexico
Linoleum, Moscowå
The Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow
Ottawa International Film Festival, Canada
Tindirindis Animation Festival, Lithuania
International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker. Bulgaria
Tweak!, Ireland
Animacursed - International Festival of Horror Animation, Brazil
Cartoon Club, Italy
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
Maryland Film Festival, USA
ASIFA-East Animation Festival - Special Award for Excellence in Design
Phoenix Film Festival, USA
Indie Spirit Film Festival, USA
Cortoons - The International Cartoon Festival of Rome, Italy
Festival du film Merveilleux, FranceFebruary
Caught Short Film Festival, Australia
New York Downtown Film Festival Audience Choice Screenings, USA
The San Francisco Independent Film Festival, USA
The Savannah International Animation Festival, USA
Future Film Festival, Italy
Big Screen Bonanza, UK
2D or Not 2D, USA - Winner of the Golden Pencil Award for 2D animation
Festival Internacional de Animación, Uruguay
Festival du court métrage de Neufchâteau, Belgium
The 5th International Short-Movie Exhibition of Unioeste, Brazil
Animazing Spotlight, USA - Winner of Best Film In Non-Verbal Communication
River's Edge International Film Festival, USA - Winner of Best Animation
Starz Denver Film Festival, USA
MergingArts Short Short Film Festival, USA
The Holland Animation Film Festival, Holland
Indie Producer Short Film Contest, USA - Honorable Mention
The Californian International Animation Festival, USA
Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival, Boznia & Herzegovina - Special Mention: "Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead: Brothers in Arms (USA), a film that depicts the story about the futility of war using minimum resources and achieving maximum expression."
The Australian International Animation Festival, Australia
The Woodstock Museum 10th Annual Film Festival, USA
The New York Television Festival, USA
KLIK! Animation Festival, Netherlands - Nominated for a Mopti Award
Prix Ars Electronica Animation Festival, Austria
Festanca, The Serbian Republic
Animamundi, Brazil
Le Comptoir de la Folie Ordinaire, France
The Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
The Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
The 40th ASIFA-East Film Festival, USA - Special Award for Excellence In Design
China International Festival Of Cartoons & Animation, China
Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Germany
Athens ANIMfest, Greece
BE Underground Film Festival, USA
Dicko's Cartoon Riff Raff Round Up Festival, USA
Cortoons - The International Short Film Festival Of Rome, Italy
Canada Film Festival, Vancouver,
Sequence Court Metrage, France
Star & Shadow Cinema Family Screenings, UK
interfilm Berlin, Germany
Animasyros, Greece
Animanima, Serbia
Pictoplasma, USA
NewTeeVee Screenings, USA
Malescorto, Italy
NAFF 08, Bosnia & Herzegovnia
St Petersburg Film Festival, Russia
Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
Mudfest, Australia
Cortoons - The International Short Film Festival Of Rome, Italy
ANIMA 2008, the 27th edition of the Brussels Animation Films Festival, Belgium
Future Film Festival, Italy
Instanbul Animation Festival 2007, Turkey
Les Nuits Magiques, France
Interfilm Berlin, Germany
Balkanima, Serbia/Montenegro
Milano Film Festival, Italy
Annecy Animated Film Festival, France


Questions from fans. Send me your own:

Nancy asks:
How do Boxhead and Roundheads characters in the feature differ from the ones in the short films?
When they first appeared in the shorts they both had the same kind of personality. Over the 10 shorts they came into their own - Boxhead is more scientifically minded and Roundhead is simple and kind. The feature is the culmination of these things, enhanced by the fact that they now speak.

The storytelling is quite different from that of many other films. Did you use any of the traditional structures, or parody them?
I actually think it's a pretty traditional three act play. We're introduced to the characters and they have a problem. Act two they work so solve the problem and in act three it's resolved.
For someone who is interested in doing stuff that's a little out of the box I was surprised at how traditional the structure ended up being.

Max asks:
Is the tension between RH & BH an autobiographical element about your own internal conflicts?
Yes, sometimes! The whole film is full of autobiographical elements.

Nature is stressful because it's brutal but the city is stressful because it's brutalizing, and yet they seem more at ease at navigating the city, they make their mark, but still long for the prairie. It seems a very modern existential angst. Will they be happy back on the prairie?
When you do the wrong thing in nature you can end up dead very quickly. The monsters that live in the city don't reveal themselves so quickly. Will they be happy back home? For a while.

Jhon asks:
If you could show this movie to any person, living or dead, who would you screen it for?
My granny!

How much of the animation was yours and how much was created by your collaborators?
I animated all of Boxhead & Roundhead. Several animators (named in the thank you to the right) did all the other humans. I guess I animated about 90% of the thing.

What lesson would you like children who might watch your movie to take away?
That there's more to animation than Finding Dory and Frozen.

Why did you decide to score the movie with the music of The Gadfliys?
Their music had been a big influence on my work so I thought I'd reach out to them to ask if they'd be interested in letting me use some songs.

What are the pipes under their house for if they have to go to the well for water?
It's a faulty system!

Why does Tipp City make refuse containers if cleaning up is illegal?
They're not cleaning the garbage up, they're relocating for the sake of space.

Is this the last we'll see of Boxhead and Roundhead?
Until I get a bigger budget, probably.

Holly asks:
Why did you choose to have your characters read newspapers opposed to using cellphones/computers?
It never occurred to me. I guess that even though newspapers are slowly disappearing they still feel timeless. I think if I'd created some kind of local technology it might have felt a little gimicky. I dunno...