Elliot has appeared at many film festival and universities presenting his version of the indie animation artist experience.
With a 20 year career spanning commercials, short film, feature films, illustration and writing Elliot brings an abundance of funny, cynical, and inspiring stories to any group.
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"An absolutely brilliant cartoonist and creative force, Elliot Cowan left my students inspired by his work, stories and animated feature film, "The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead"! He also left them with a sober understanding of life as a professional artist and what they might expect once they enter that world. If I had my way, not only would he be a guest speaker every year, I'd give him his own class!"
Professor and film maker Dean Lennert, New York University

"Elliot Cowan’s guest presentation in my “Animation Production” class at the Maryland Institute College of Art was a true highlight of the year. With refreshing candor, Elliot conveyed the sacrifice, commitment and love that went into his one-man feature production, “The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead.” In the end, Elliot’s presentation was less about producing animation than it was about living a passionate artistic life and his message was clear: stop making excuses and create work that you care about."
Professor and film maker Max Porter, Maryland Institute College of Art

"Having Elliot Cowan visit my animation students was easily one of the greatest highlights of our Intro to Animation course. Students lit up in Elliot's presence and his hilarity and kindness made students feel comfortable asking him all kinds of questions about his animation process, means of inspiration, filmmaking practices, and the animation industry in general. Having Elliot visit my students provided them with an important and imperative opportunity to see how their hard work and interests in animation can live and exist in the outside world beyond college. Elliot was generous and thoughtful, and even provided a follow-up email to students encouraging them to feel free to ask him more questions and follow up should they like to. He was an amazing animation guest artist to have and I sincerely hope to have his wonderful presence in my future animation classes again! My students remain thankful for the time he shared with us, and eager to see his future animations."
Professor and film maker Kelly Gallagher, Antioch College, Ohio.

Elliot has presented at the following:
Pratt Institute
University of the Arts
Mercy College
Concordia University
Teeside University
Launceston College
Drawtastic Festival of Drawing and Animation
Ottawa International Animation Festival